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Testimonials of the home inspector!


John Said

 I just wanted to let you know I was very happy with the inspection you performed. I feel your detail home inspection uncovered some deficiencies on the home we were going to purchase. With the detailed report you supplied after the inspection we were able to make a clear decision about the purchase of the home .   Thanks John & Kelly  

Melissa said

Dan was very professional and knowledgeable. He was open to our questions and we really appreciated the time he took to explain what he was looking for and why. We also liked the fact that he took a better part of the day to complete his inspection and was very thorough. He was quick to send us his final report. Although it was lengthy, it was easy to read, navigate (with the colour coding), and identify the more problem areas of the home. We felt we definitely got everything we needed and more out of the house inspection. We highly recommend D.Shoop & Associates and will use them again if we buy another house.

Don said

"Thank you for the home inspection you did on our potential investment  property. It let us know what we were in for before we made our decision. I  appreciated the in depth and straight forward report you provided, and it was  all done so quickly!  For  me this has been a very interesting process. The actual inspection, which I must  say, would have resulted in almost no value if you hadn't been there. The  comparison between what I have seen and remembered vs what you documented is  massive. I don't know what I would do without your report, but I guess I would  just not have known what needed to be addressed, and where things were ok. It  takes the guessing out of the process for me. "


Colette said

We thank  you for the  inspection. You and your associates were very
thorough and professional. We will highly recommend you!!