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Testimonials of the home inspector!

Satisfied Customer

Nathan had this to say


My family is in the process of buying an acreage in Wheatland County. Although we'd had many home inspections over the years in the city, we weren't sure where to turn for an inspection of a mobile and garage out on an acreage. Fortunately, we heard positive things about Dan Shoop and decided to give him a call. With only a few days notice, Dan was able to accommodate our busy schedule and perform a thorough inspection, which he  followed up promptly with a detailed and very readable and useful report. Dan made the whole inspection process a fun and educational experience. We would definitely recommend Dan to anyone looking to get a home inspection and have every intention of calling on Dan the next time we could benefit from his wealth of knowledge.

Cynthia & Phil

Just wanted to say thank you again for the excellent work you did for our new house. Your home inspection report (and we have had two previous home inspections on other properties) was by far the most comprehensive we have received. We particularly appreciate the pictures you provided showing where you recommend  work needs to be done and what it needs to rectify the problem. Would have no qualms about recommending you to anyone I know or for that matter even if I didn't know them because in my opinion your work was top notch.

Thank You

Phil and Cynthia 

Kim said

We were incredibly and pleasantly surprised by Dan. His ethic, thoroughness and professionalism really blew us away. He completed the most detailed inspection for us which included immediate action he recommended along with proper maintenance for areas which could present a problem if neglected. Dan was incredible and was certainly worth every penny. I would  recommend him and his service to anyone looking to purchase a home. We will certainly use him again.

Dusty and Kim 

Melissa said

Dan was very professional and knowledgeable. He was open to our questions and we really appreciated the time he took to explain what he was looking for and why. We also liked the fact that he took a better part of the day to complete his inspection and was very thorough. He was quick to send us his final report. Although it was lengthy, it was easy to read, navigate (with the colour coding), and identify the more problem areas of the home. We felt we definitely got everything we needed and more out of the house inspection. We highly recommend D.Shoop & Associates and will use them again if we buy another house.

Don said

"Thank you for the home inspection you did on our potential investment  property. It let us know what we were in for before we made our decision. I  appreciated the in depth and straight forward report you provided, and it was  all done so quickly!  For  me this has been a very interesting process. The actual inspection, which I must  say, would have resulted in almost no value if you hadn't been there. The  comparison between what I have seen and remembered vs what you documented is  massive. I don't know what I would do without your report, but I guess I would  just not have known what needed to be addressed, and where things were ok. It  takes the guessing out of the process for me. "


Colette said

We thank  you for the  inspection. You and your associates were very
thorough and professional. We will highly recommend you!!

John said

I just wanted to let you know I was very happy with the inspection you performed. I feel your detail home inspection uncovered some deficiencies on the home we were going to purchase. With the detailed report you supplied after the inspection we were able to make a clear decision about the purchase of the home .   Thanks John & Kelly   

Frequently Asked Questions

New Home 11 Month Warranty Inspection

Thorough Home Inspection found active moisture leak in roof.

What Your Builder will do for your 1 Year Warranty Walk Through.

Very little.  If you have a super good relationship with your builder you might get a little more service than the average person.  In reality the builder is not going to come to your home and go through everything to see what needs to be fixed.

What YOU need to do for your 1 Year Warranty Walk Through.


It is up to you to go through your house and check all the systems, interior and exterior, and then provide a detailed list (with pictures if possible) to give to your builder.  From that list they will arrange the warranty items to fixed.  This is a one time shot to get all that you can on that list to be covered by warranty.

What you will need to know to get the best results.

A comprehensive knowledge of the entire building envelope science, plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and structural systems.  You will also need the knowledge of the right tools and how to use, interpret and report the findings in a clear and proper way.


Hiring an InterNACHI CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTOR will cover you in all the above ares!

That's right I have all the training and knowledge needed to come and give you a full detailed written report that you will just present to your builder.  There is no  guessing in whether you have all the right details or not (pictures included).  The inspection in your home alone will take 4-5 hours - a very thorough inspection to cover all the details.  I will also provide a full scan of your house with my thermal camera to see if there are any hidden defects at no extra cost.  I will not schedule a second inspection that day. If you have questions or if it takes more time because of a concern  that was found, then I can spend all the time that is needed to make sure your warranty list is as good as we can get it.

The BEST way to have a 1 Year Warranty Walk Through

Is to hire one that has the expertise to make this experience the best possible to protect your largest monetary investment and home.  When all is said and done, to have a full PDF report with pictures, and issues all laid out in a professional manor to present to your builder.  An independent inspection that is non-biased - just presenting the facts - so that you can rest easy.

What YOU need to do now?

Go to the frequently asked questions and read my artical on "11 Month Warranty Inspection"

Read the reviews on goolge and my website

Give me a call TODAY to book your inspection. 403-333-1059

Annual Home Inspection

Time affects everything.

We know that with time things begin to break down.  Our appliances, electronics, cars, even our bodies.  All need check ups and tuning in order to keep them running smoothly.

Your home needs a check up too!

How long has it been since you have gone through your home with a fine tooth comb?  A lot of times we are not pro active about the dwelling that we live in.  It usually ends up last on our list and in reality the biggest cost to replace.  We don't know something is going "wrong" until it is too late - and with it a big bill!

What you can do

Give your home a check up now!  Call today to have your home looked at by a Certified Professional Inspector.  I will go through your house and give you a detailed report on the condition of all major aspects of your home.  A full Thermal Scan is included with every inspection!  That way you will know what needs to be watch or replaced before it is too late. Watch the video below and call today.

Home Check up!